Hi, here's my portfolio page!

Ninjago fire stone mech

This LEGO is special to me because it is a robot. It took me one week to build it and I did it completely by myself. I like to play with it and it is my favorite toy. Now it only sits on the dresser in my room which is where I like it.

Batwing jet

Here's one of my earlier LEGO projects, from when I was 3. Its current pilot is the ice cream truck lady from another LEGO. It is my third favorite one.

LEGO Boost (Vernie)

This is Vernie. He is my favorite LEGO. He is really cool and I play with him a lot. He is a robot that you can code. He can move left and right and he can talk. Plus he can move in circles.

Ninjago Legacy Destiny's Bounty Battle Ship

This is the most recent LEGO I've built. It is my second favorite LEGO. My uncle gave it to me for Christmas. It took me a while to build because it is very complicated.

Vernie's algorithm

Check out this video of me explaining how Vernie works using an algorithm. I can use an app to make Vernie turn around and do other things like that.